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Playname: Back door one-timer
When P1 gets the puck during the game and has time to make a shot consider this:

P1 has the puck. He has plenty of options:
1) Pass the puck to P5 (the other D)
2) Pass it off the boards to P4 if there's pressure
3) Take it out of the zone if need be and regroup
4) Take a shot.

In this specific play P1 will take a slap pass along the ice to P2.
P2 ideally would be left-handed but it's not crucial.
P2 takes the one timer - no holding on to the puck!

If P2 doesn't score the most likely case would be a rebound off the Gs left pad.

This is why P3 moves to the front of the net anticipating the rebound.

However, P3 should not jam it into the G. If the player cannot get off a good shot, they should pass back to a D and start all over (or use another play).
Play submitted by: Cam Drury
Sub category: Offense

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